Friday, 8 June 2012

Multinomial Logistic Depression

(Me and Norhim, on the exam day)

Come il drop you to gsm on my Ferrari...

Where are you going?


Wow, the way you put things...

I know Im awesome...and I have a car that’s better than your boyfriend's.

My boyfriend? who?

There, that Irani...

How is he my boyfriend?

He qualifies....

He is an Irani....How does he qualify?

So many questions u ask gal ! 


Why don’t you people take care of your cars? dents all over...your gals? other belongings? your chappal is about to break....Is that some sort of national behavior???

Gals ain’t belongings...

They are, most precious ones...your plants?

Hmm plants I dunno....

Everything else too...a beggar on street is a direct slap to the mayor's face, n you have enough to make him bleed to death...

Our Govt.  doesn’t work that way....our govt.  counters insider conflicts, party reconciliation, negative propaganda, armed coups, treacheries....till the end of term or tenure whichever is lesser, other issues remaining the same. ceteris paribus.

You dont make governments for social restructuring, eradication of unemployment, poverty alleviation, infrastructural and strategic reforms?

We select legislative assembly so we could criticize it and hinder implementation of every move they take. Make money out of it, create issues that we can munch upon on national broadcasts, sell newspapers, have tea, discuss, great fun it is....

Funny it is...

Where is your car?

Right here...

That aint no Ferrari man.....

Well, its red....


  1. awesome funny :D ........

    1. I thought tum mje apni terhan communist bolo gay :P

  2. haha.
    First of all, Do conversation go from a normal conversation of bf/gf to political theories ?
    I was just picturing as I read it and as a by-stander watching you too talking about all those political terms and stuff, I was shocked at first, I mean *Jaw Down* . Well, you have to picture my expression, if you can.

    But the ending, LOL. Red is Ferrari. :P

    1. As much as ppl might think, Norhim is a friend, n not an imaginery character at all...all conversations are like that wid him...though I do add a bit heer n der:P

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