Sunday, 5 August 2012

Award???....U kiddin meh????

Ty for nominating me for the award….u ppl gave me smthng to do, revive my dead blog, which dunno why but feels good :)

11 Facts about myself:
1.  Unlike what some people believe about me, intelligent and all… Im pretty dumb at simple everyday things, took me 2 months to figure that in order to keep my small carpet in place I can place its corners under the sofa feet.

2.   Im a single mother trying to do the job of two, cursing myself at the end of the day at failing on so many  aspects.

3.    I have this insane belief that I can do anything and everything any place anytime….

4.   Its hard for me to shrug off any weird challenging thing that comes to my mind…like maybe going through a jungle in the mid of the night to get a McDonald’s. Il do it if my mind is set to it, no matter how absurd.

5.  I am the most shabbily dressed person in the neighborhood, but manage to look good occasionally when I want to. There are a few people who don’t even recognize me when im properly dressed.

6.  I like to crumble people by just looking at them, and I enjoy it thoroughly, though Im not aware myself how I do it.

7.  Im very soft at heart but turn completely otherwise when Im angry…all time baloch khopri…goli pehlay martay hain explanation bad me mangtay hain…

8.  Im a die hard romantic, though on a vacation from romance for a change…maybe a life long vacation now.

9.   I secretly aspire for big goals, but do not talk much abt them as I am a pseudo socialist.

10.   Overcritical of situations n people, I dnt judge, but do jot down my observatiions somewhere, and knowingly let people fool me coz I just cant see them embarrassed at their attempt.

11.   Im a good liar when I choose to lie.

Answers to IQ s questions:

1)      If I were a fruit, I would be a pineapple I guess.

2)      If I were a drink I would be tea.

3)      If I were a season, I would be autumn.

4)      Im not a gadget person, but if essentially I had to be one then Iguess il either be an i-pod or a steam iron.

5)      If I were a song I would be teray liye hai mera dil meri jaan by Junaid Jamshed.

6)      An animal, I would be a duck:)

7)      I love white so I guess I will be white when it comes to color.

8)      In the whole world, I would be rather at the couch sitting wid my legs hanging from the side of it, right in front of television, a cup of tea in my hand….at my mother’s house…PARADISE

9)      In materialistic things, I would like to have a televison with a cable connection….chota mind choti choti khawahishain…

10)   The bad habit I would like to get rid of is overcriticizing people, though I never let it affect our relationship, but as mentioned earlier I do jot it down somewhere…I would like to rather live in ignorance.

11)   If I were at IQ’s place, I would appeciate my desire to know more and go through variety of experiences blindfolded.


  1. Please excuse all my typos....n dat includes teh formatting mistakes too :P

  2. Hey blue girl :) thank you for the leibster award but wannna know if that was not by mistake na..? We haven't come accross each other's blog before, but i am glad it happened now. :)
    You have a nice blog. Thanks to IQ for setting you back to blogging.

    1. Hey Mak,
      I dnt really knw u, but visited ur blog n liked I guess we r pretty much equal here :)

  3. Yay! I actually felt the same way when I was nominated - getting a chance for new material and content hehe. And I love reading about people, and with writing such as yours, even more about YOU! & I love the notation about 'experiencing blindfolded', it's an intriguing perception :D Looking forward to more posts from you, Blue. :)