Thursday, 16 August 2012

Once upon a time.....

I don't believe in fairy tales anymore. I'm too old to be a part of a fairy tale anyways....the Fairy God Mother maybe, but definitely no one in the lead role. Still I could have believed in them even if for some one else's sake, but dunno why, now I just don't. What used to be my fascination once has now turned into back to back episodes of lurid veracity.

I don't think Cinderella actually did manage to marry the prince. I think prince just kept on believing the evil sister was the long lost love of his life, married her and never lived happily ever after. Whereas Cinderella was married off to an old duke, who had 3 all grown up and aged sons and she died of tuberculosis serving meals to that big family.

Similarly, Snow White still lies in coma, while her 7 brothers ponder upon removing her life support owing to financial constraints.

Rumplestiltskin I believe was just a gynecologist who got one delivery messed up, and though beauty did marry the geek, I mean the beast, but she could never actually fall in love with him...kept having extramarital affairs and eventually died in a sad car accident in Pont de la'Alma tunnel.

Ali Baba was simply a bigger and smarter thief than the gang of forty...was having an affair with Merjina out of his wedlock, and lied all along to hide both the facts. Rapunzel was a teenager forced to live with her punjabi grandma who was obsessed with long hair, and red riding hood never could make it to her grandmother's house....the poor grandma just lives in self deception.

Hansel and Gretal is sad...even the fairy tale was never able to justify what went on with the kids...and of course as I don't believe in the fairy tales anymore,.... I think they were two kids abandoned at birth, living in an orphan asylum, dreaming of going home. Sad nevertheless,....and painful too...facts twisted into some tales of early misfortune that later transform into a super happy ending, not by any logic, but by sheer magic. Leading us into expecting things which may never happen to us. We live our lives in hope of becoming  a part of these fairy tales at some point, and when that doesn't happen, we blame ourselves for not being good enough for it. Why I wrote this post? coz maybe my frog never turned into a prince....true....but then, I was never a princess myself....still.....going on kissing frogs doesn't  make much sense, does it?


  1. I am not that much into Fairy Tales.
    I realized it long back that they were just a false notion of happy endings. Btw happy endings, does anything like that even exist?

    And who knows? You might be a princess. But I don't really recommend you on going for kissing frogs, but hey, no one is stopping you. #JustKiddin'

    1. I might not believe in fairy tales, but I believe in creating happy endings, with complete knowledge of the problem, trying to get solutions for it....not waiting for the prince of unknown lands to turn up for rescue or some magical occurrence to straighten up things.
      And being princess is such a boring act, the people who come to play with them don't have hearts...being a pauper is more chic and fun :D

    2. Felt like I read a short fairy tale.
      "Happy Endings" word echoed in my Mind.
      Prince like that exist, I mean if happy endings are for sure, then there must be some prince right?

      Being a princess, they have some responsibility.I think, I am not sure.
      I will tell you what's more fun. This is what I think...
      Be the princess, but be like a pauper at the same time. So you get to have the fun of the both. And now when people come by, you get to play the game and may be in the process find a prince.

      Such a lame comment. ... I know. I just can't help being better. Can't say, I didn't try. :P

    3. That wasn't lame...and as ether implied, Im too old fa games like that...but feels gud to hear :D

    4. Try it out sometime.
      When you are bored, May be. :P

  2. You have put things into words very well... I could remember instances like these. Particularly, not a fairy tale but after a few years of reading "The Alchemist" ... But I still like fairy tales, fictions and all... sometimes atleast...

    as a practical utility I got good analogies which all could relate to... to makeup ideas as how to react in some situations ... how to depict those kings and clowns around us with examples people could understand... and also to think what ends can be happy...

    I too try to create happy endings or endings with hope not just in fairy tales... but whenever I have choice... like when writing blogs... and I even sometimes beat the content to fit into some moral! But, these delete and backspace buttons are not there with life... what ever I write on-the-go remained as a record in life's book of records remains as is... sometimes I wrote sentances telling that such and such previous lines were not correct or I did not mean them - so-called apologies and confessions. Still nothing gets undone, they are just addition to what I already recorded in real life's book... What ever I thought/did, I thought it at that moment, I did it at that moment, the actions and words in life are not erasable. I could tamper with some evidences by putting many more corrections, but still I could not erase. Its just for a inquisitive one to look for them... So, cannot fake endings in life....

    when events or thoughts or stories develope, at one point I feel like there is no actual end or conclusion for it... I have left so many unfinished stories living and writing... I could not beat the content to make a fake smile at end, I could not twist the plot to make it look like to have a moral. Even when reading I left stories unfinished... sometimes when I got time I made up some ending for myself and in other times I found no conclusions but just stored facts in row farm...

    In real life or history sometimes bad guys won, sometimes it was a tie... and for individuals who leaft stories or lives or events unfinished ... god must be having a Duckworth-Lewis method; I guess... I left many stories because I had to leave desk and when I came back I forgot the ending or never could gain interest to find one... They never became stories...

    But there are some tricks of making happy endings... some are very well known and used a lot in Indian stories...
    for ex.
    1. when a good guy dies.. he doesnot die... he goes to heaven .... and he waits fo his wife and children happily... :| you relly dont have to happily 'live' ever after... you see...

    2. When a bad guy wins you say that fate/god/good guy has given the bad guy chance to do more evil so that the good guy/god/fate can pounce at him harder... (who lives for eternity to verify who won eh :P)

    3. When you can't find any ending at all make a parallel story and make it intersect with your current story and cause the bad end of your first story to be a reason for good ending of the second story... making the story a story of sacrifice for other's happienss... and many more...

    Still... happy endings... they does not occur in native form in full detail. But, many perfect macro pictures of success are all around us, though in details they will be all grainy and flaky. So you make the audience stand at a particular distance and see the story... You won't ask if the king farted whole night after he had a heavy feast right... he just had fun in the feast... thats it :| ... you can hide the details to make the story a fairy tale... with these done even your life's tale may become a fairy tale...

    and in the end... fairy tales are like baby food against spicey chicken curry... easily digestile, pleasant and for the baby, not mom!

    1. That's so unromantic :|
      The camera is same so every picture is grainy n flaky, some are just more vague than the others to know for sure if it was in fact a happy end or otherwise.But then I think...if its the end, then it must be a merry one, for someone if not for all.
      U'd b surprised to know how much of baby food goes to the mom herself. Actually maybe when we are telling stories to our kids, some part within us wants it still to be true for ourselves....and though I wrote about it, I haven't been able to give it up...I still like cerelac:( though I may be too old for it, but then, who cares ?

    2. Mom's are welcome to eat baby food if she can enjoy it and also afford it... :| ... but .... u know... in case moms does not like baby food too it is no excuse for not making baby food... :P

      Camera is same but somehow Santosh Sivan gets best shots in Indian movies... perhaps its about framing, angles and distance...

      but after all these reasons the write up is real... just like the spicey chicken curry which I have stopped taking or even have started assuming never existed... Not that I eat baby food... how about a low masala vegetarian diet?

      And about magic.. I still know one... I can write on your screen without even touching it and send you messages without having a drop of ink consumed...

      All the spelling mistakes are attributed to non-availability of spell checker in chrome these days, which used to give red wavey lines under every word I used to type...
      row->raw (here even a spell checker would not have saved me :| )
      digestile->digestible ....

    3. Hearing u is so much fun...all I do is trigger u a lil :D...I still disagree abt the baby food, meri merzi banaon, khaon, na khaon, na banaon, banaon aur khaon fir bhi bura muh banaon:P
      but the camera thing I agree, its all about the framing and angle...I guess I need to change dat ...
      Funny y u wud rectify ur grammatical mistakes wen wat u said was so correct!

    4. I know there are grammar mistakes too, though I mentioned only spelling... you don't have to point out all my mistakes... :| BTW, when is your Eid?

  3. I never wanted to stop believing in the fairy tales, because I wanted life to be one too. It just turned out not to be.


    1. U may still believe in turning other ppl's lives into fairy tales...

  4. Fairy tales are the ideal, we just take the ideals and apply them to our own lives. We dream just like Cinderella did, we want to be cherished (read, fed) as H&G, and we want to believe that we'll have a happy ever after ending. We'll never have that ending till we breathe our last, and until then we'll always crave something and hope something till then... I still believe in fairy tales, but in a way that they're to be practical :D Prince Charming to us now gives us the impression of some rich brat who doesn't really have a personality, whereas in those days the Prince was the example of most noble and goodhearted, the strong and valiant... obviously some of us might still want a sugardaddy (lol) but then again, what we want is just that 'true love'. I'm going on about this in a roundabout way because after years and years of believing I could be singing Avril Lavigne's 'Happy Ending', I somehow found my prince charming :P

    1. Feeling very happy for u...May u live happily ever after :DDD

    2. Miss.IQ -I bet you want to strangle your PC once a week at least Lol

      Blue - I'm sorry but I was literally cracking up reading this post of yours. :P

      "Rapunzel was a teenager forced to live with her punjabi grandma who was obsessed with long hair"

      Hahahaha Wat da hell!! Punjabi grams :O