Thursday, 31 May 2012

Love u woman

A haircut would freshen up my looks, what do u think? I love it when your hair go curl softly at your shoulders.. at times I dnt want u to dress up, so I could see thm drying in whirls on your bare shoulders blades..hmm...pagal buddha....guess I should go for streaks or something, add some color here n there...and these dnt need anything there, I love the natural arched shape...they give me a sharp look...then I love ur sharp look, dont dare touch them... gals envy brows like you....and when did u meet those gals who envy brows like me?...nvm...Tell u what, saw that weight reduction clinic at know they charge? nothing for the first treatment, and 4 inches off from wherever you want it...hell, I adore your proportions, u could work in the ad of silicon implants....not from there obviously, I meant all that flab...lemme bite at , really, one bite...wont stop there u know....what if then I wanna do u? u always wanna do me:P oh yeahhh...

But u look awesome like that...homely, comfortable, soft, sweet...Im 4 kgs overweight....I dont want a ramp model I cant snuggle with on a sofa...why you dont want me to look better? because u look amazing...u dont need to hide that smile of yours its my life, nothing in the world could look better on your eyes than the gleam you wear, at times naughty, planning some mischief, sometimes comfortingly compassionate, like sunshine, brightening every thing in life . I so wanna kiss u right now :P Aaa paas tujhay bataon.... per such mein, no foundation can do to your skin what a little peck on your cheeks do...

You know this tan you wear, just shows how much you care for the ones that you go out for in blazing scorching sun...your hair tied up reminds me you woke up early and since then got no time to brush your hair. Your hands with little knife bruises are better than any manicured ones in the world, that absorb all my fatigue with just one caressing touch. I dont need to see you in a flowing evening gown to feel romantic... I just go crazzzy when u smile at me with a wink….feel like pinning u to the wall n smooochhhh...lolz shut up..u don’t exist.

Yep, he doesnt exist but why not? Why cant women be loved like that? Why do we have to excel or think about excelling all the time? Better looks, better figures, better care, more work, why on earth do we feel it will render us security? will guarantee love from the ones we love unconditionally? You want to look better…look better for yourself, not for anyone else….coz its YOU who gave birth to love and everything else :)))

Friday, 25 May 2012

Facebook the dispatch rider of affcetion and care...

Facebook triggers lots of debate on its utility. For me however its an exceptional thing that gives all my friends and family the power to wake me up from deep slumber, poke me, kick me, nudge me, while I remain my always bobby don’t care much self, though inside somewhere I am glad I got to know they were still alive n kicking it.

Another thing that inspires me about online connections is the conflict in social statures of people and their vocal personalities. The vocal personality of a person is a term I designed to refer to what a person projects online. I believe it to be a better predictor of people’s real personality than the real life silhouette, because it lacks the all time obligatory social conformation as a result of a dialogue. Facebook is like addressing the mass audience, project yourself just the way you would like to project yourself. Some of you will call it deception. I call it real self. Everyone would project themselves to be what they would have wanted themselves to be, which tells a lot about them. More real therefore are the virtual lives of people, because there we can always be what we wanted to be. The most sincere expression of ourselves, our desires, our aspirations. Il write about the clash sometime. But for now I just want to tell you how facebook delivers love for me…..have a look at some of the messages I got in just one day……Itna variety to Umro ayyar ki zambeel mein bhi nhi milay gi....her maal bhara para hai.....

Monica   : U still at the asylum?

Shehzadi : Guddi tu single hai to bol, mera suser free hai aaj kal....

Manna : Stop liking your own posts :P

Fahad  : Laal chuneriya wali koi meray gher bhi lao....mein kunwara kab tak baithun band mera bajwao...meri shadi kerwao..... meri shadi kerwao.......

Reza : Israel is 64 now thanks to western life support and I hate the research methods teacher.

Amay  : Please support my Amma wapis kro movement.This wicked roguish girl Maria who happens to be my sister, has abducted my mom to islamabad and has made her forget her lil one whoz miles away. Call Maria NOWWWWW, ask her to send mom back :( I MISS MOM send her back...or its a war..!!! :@ :P

Maria  : Mom is saying the brick u have in name of mobile phone usay apnay sir me mar lay :)

Ibi : I asked you not to join my Fb...hell , whats the fun in stalking your own family?

Saim  : Phone ki bell kharab hai ya aapka dimagh?

Sarah : Agar... aaj rat... 8 bjay tak....mujhay call na kiya...... to talak talak talak.

Asim : Zinda ho....?

Ali :Tell pa if I want a black bathroom , I want a black bathroom, not a faun one with a hint of black in every 3rd tile....just BLACK

Maria : Moms worried about you, said u looked next time u see her on skype have mercy on us all ...APPLY SOME MAKEUP FOR GODSAKES!!!

Well, some of these cant really be called affectioate, but still coming from the sample of the dayyyy..... the good thing is that no matter how heavy, how light hearted, how crazy is the message....its delivered by the courier in 3 secs:)

P.S Stop poking me u all.....

Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Aakhri padao

(Un musafiron kay nam jinhain raastay nigal gye)

Choti thi to kahani kay liye zid kerti thi
maa  kehti thi dopahar ko kahani sunayein to musafir rasta bhool jatay hain
mein kab se chalti ja rahi hun
musafat hai keh berhti ja rahi hai
katati ja rahi hai zindagi
magar rasta hai keh utna hi para hai
na aasra koi na aashna koi
na humsafar na rehnuma
kuch aisay log bhi hain jin ki kismet mein na manzil hai na umeed e manzil
jisay manzil samajhtay hain wo padao hi nikalta hai
chor kay jana perta hai
mein her aik padao pe kuch aansu bahati hun
apnay jism ka aik hissa peechay chor ati hun
kisi anay walay ko shayed kabhi mera nishan milay
mein katatay katatay puray qad se bona ho gyi hun
kohniyon aur ghutnon kay bal ghasitati zindagi
aglay padao tak kabhi na pohanch paye gi
ab faqat ik iltija hai
wo jo kahin kahani suna raha hai
usay kaho keh ab mein zid nhi kerti
bas kuch der ko khamosh ho jaye
mein behad thak chuki hun
mujhay ab bas yehein aram kerney dey.......

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Mein nhi manti :P

Mein nhi manti.....
rasm ko rivaj ko
apnay banaye huay samaj ko
hath ki lakeeron ko
miteti badalti tasweeron ko
aankh kay nazaron ko
taqdeer kay sitaron ko
nahi manti mein
keh meri aankhon mein ab aansu hi rehna chahiyen
keh meray chehray pe soch ki lakerain hi meri izzat ka saman  hain
keh meri mang mein ab sitaray nhi chamkain gay
keh mein khilkhila kay hans paron to ye kainat chaunk jaye gi
hairat se apni ungli danton mein daba lay gi
aur agar aisa hai........
to mujhay isay neend se jaganay do
mujhay muskuranay do
mujhay apnay chehray pe soch ki lakeer nhi
aankh kay neechay gal pe til acha lagta hai
muskuratay lab danton me daba kr bat kerti hun
to duniya sochnay lagti hai
ye do bachon ki maa hai aur aankhon mein sharart kot kay bhari
sarak pe stroller kay sath bachon se race lagati
chehray pe lagi ice cream chatati to kabhi zor se gungunati
ye kaisi do bachon ki maa hai?
isay ranjeeda bepanah hona chahiye
iski hasti fana hona chahiye

to sun lo duniya kay thekedaro
mein nhi manti keh meri zindagi wo aik saya tha jo juda ho gya
mein nhi manti keh us kay sath mera wajud fana ho gya
meri aankhon mein jab tak roshni hai
mein tum ko jhutlati rahungi
mein muskurati rahun gi......................:)))

Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Domain name Love is not available !

I havent told you, but have moved your pictures from My Own folder to Pictures only....have blocked you from skype.....and have deleted your number from my phone contact list.

Today I have not tried enlarging your pic to see my reflection in your eyes,......Today I have not updated my FB status as a song dedicated to you, the first day I wont be up at 4.00 a.m to talk to you, today I told you we all were humans and I forgive you for being with her. Today I am not going to say I love you before I go to sleep....

Il talk to you meri jaan, Il laugh with you, Il kiss you, Il hug u, Il bug u ,  even  will joke to you about her, but I will never say that three word sentence again that starts from an I and ends at a You....Today is the first day that I have started using this smiley :)......and the first day I have started lying to you............

The echo of that undying laughter !!!

I have always wanted my life to be a tea house evening, where people can just be themselves, voice their opinions,chat around, have fun and never leave. Never leave is the most important part. Shall never leave....they can just move around....maybe to some other room, but on the table, thier cups placed, the burning cigarettes in ash tray, the chairs pulled back, they are destined to return. Even those who left for good, havent really left the coffee house, the feel of their presence still lingers in there as if some guest had left  dunhill aroma hanging in the room.

One of these pulled back chairs is of Haroon mamoon. Why cant u say my proper name? he used to say....Haw maw keh k chup ho jati hai chudail....

The most cheerful person I had ever seen in my life. Derived fun out of every single moment, living life to its fullest...even passed away smiling..... A criminal lawyer by profession, he was by far more colorful than black and white. Every month created new issues. Controversies following him everywhere like some celebrated child. What has happened now? My father would ask my mother....Nothing, Haroon slapped a judge....contempt....mooney is trying hard to tackle  it. Always the same story. Haroon , the younger brother will create trouble and Permoon, the elder one will try to manage it somehow and deal with the mess. Both complete opposites of each other, the elder a civil lawyer, rich , well connected, an obedient son, a total contrast to Haroon, who was very cheerful and loving but never knew the right way to express himself. Too emotional for words....and most of the time short of money, life exuded all its charm and joys personified as him.

We were eight cousins, him having one in his lap while driving the car, kuki aunty having another in her lap a total of 10......and he would do 360 degrees in front of our school. Would shout names of all kids from above the gate even before the school was off, and kept shouting till the kids gave him response individually from every class and run off to him even before the bell rang. Once we would come out, he would say come on ....double up, bubble up seven up....and wel all fit in the car in use though, we always got home late, as most of the time, we would be chasing one woman or the other in the car. He would chase down women in burqa and screech at their heels, many a times some fled out of the burka...all for a simple childlike laugh....

I used to see him give 500 out of his pocket, mayb the last ones left, to a beggar. Nothing in the world can replace this look of sheer joy and surprise on his face , he would say. That was when I learned how to let someone live a second , a minute of your life for the mere joy of it.

A friend more than a father to his children, I dnt allow them to talk unless they swear multiple times in a sentence. Im making them learn their mother language punjabi good widout swearing.....He always gave special importance to his daughter Jella as he called her.....mujhay ishq hai is sabz aankhon wali sey ....Even when she was doing her masters in the University and he was teaching there in Law department, they would walk arm in arm in the campus like two love birds Aik  amman, doosri kuki, teesri jella, chothi teri maa.....

Always asking grand ma if he was the nicest of them all.....Amman mein sab se acha hun na...mooney, memi, jonny, rani sab se acha na? Haan tu mera sab se acha beta hai shed say.....

sab se chota sab se acha sab se ladla ab zara badtameez hai , thora nak cherha, thora..... To amman sen fir 9 chak wali zameen apnay nam samjhun???...hath kamina.....phuphiyon pe gaya hai puray ka pura.....
Last days, I never knew those were the last ones...heard him saying to mom.....rani ye mooney sari zindagi sab se acha beta bana raha, sab se acha lawyer...sab se acha insan...mein is jaisa banay ki koshish kerta tha per kabhi ban nhi paya....aur ab kameena sab se acha bhai bhi ban gya...hitler kay mujh pe itna ehsan hain k agar kahay haroon sari zindagi aik tang pe kharay ho kay nacho to mein nachunga....shhhh mom said bhai hai....ehsan kaisa

His last day all were around him.....Grand ma 's sister whos a doc also holding his hand....I remember him saying...beeshy sharam kro, khud qabar mein paon latkaye baithi ho aur mujh pe ro rhi ho.....then all of a sudden he started saying Kalima and left us all crying. In a few seconds, a long story of unfulfilled desires  saw its end, him stepped out, abandoning all his dreams in a flick of a second. The ordinary yet not so ordinary life of an extraordinary person...The one who taught me how to face adversity with a smiling face and no harm in slapping it at times too....The one who told me the cure to your aching heart only lies in curing others hearts....The one who laughed all his worries away in smoke of his cigarettes. Who taught me a very non serious non realistic approach towards life that always worked.... the only way it should be he said. All his words, the cheerful voice echoing in my mind still....bringing my tea house to life his laughter still lingers there and the way he would say haye thak gya after a series of continuous laughs often makes me smile again.

Days after, I kept on thinking what was it....where had I seen that smile that his lips carried when he departed.....but could never  place it. It was just yesterday when looking at some pics I remembered where I had seen that smile before.....and I knew exactly what it was, the contentment he looked for all his life, he found that in his last moments......

Amman mein sab se acha beta hun na? Han han tu mera sab se acha beta hai....ab Khush?

(In memory of my late Uncle , May he rest in Peace)

Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Kingkong and fried bananas!

Enough of the serious thoughts, lets come back to life with Norhim on the next seat....Yes, Norhim the most unbelievably random person I have ever met in my class mate. The fact that he is an engineer doing Ph.D in Human Resource Management is enough to reflect on the sort of character he is. This is a tribute to him. 

My interaction with Norhim  which he terms as intimate (dunno y..I swear I never flirted with him in the least sense of the word) is a perceivable outcome of my love for sitting at the last seat in the class which incidentally is nearby the electrical socket and Norhim's need to log in on facebook and charge his mobile to do pervert chat with his wife. She is asleep when I finally manage to reach home he says....Here are a few quips from our most intelligent discussions, my contribution to which is always restricted to Oh, is it....yes and no. Rest  I always speak silently in my heart.

I know you are intelligent....I can see it from the way you eat chocolate and lick the wrapper even when theres most serious topic under discussion in class.,,,,if licking the wrapper makes u intelligent, u can lick it once i eat all the chocolate...see and u r generous too :)

Hey all, she is a double masters.. and her father is a cabinet minister.....double masters oh yeshh.....cabinet minister? u insane??????

I will once come to Pakistan and make a documentary on tamil tigers.....but we dont have tamil tigers.....then khalistani gorillas....we dont have Khalistan Gorillas too.......King Kong????

I am still single....u r married but at times she makes me sleep on a single bed...that renders me as single...I can marry three more times in different nationalities so I could have beautiful and Intelligent kids, a well diversified portfolio....U free for drinks tonight?

Coconut tree has a different male and female. So when its mating season......they show them porn.

Hey Siti, when are u divorcing your present hubby....u think Im mad....y in the hell would I divorce him?
Il kill him.....

Where were u? never dare to go to library alone....there are bad spirits there, take me along.....Im worse :D Oh Yeahhhh

U still firm about not having drinks? 
fried bananas?????

At every dinner gong  we heard,,,,,,,,,,,,,,. Follow me my angel......What the....Ok lets go !!!