Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Kingkong and fried bananas!

Enough of the serious thoughts, lets come back to life with Norhim on the next seat....Yes, Norhim the most unbelievably random person I have ever met in my life.......my class mate. The fact that he is an engineer doing Ph.D in Human Resource Management is enough to reflect on the sort of character he is. This is a tribute to him. 

My interaction with Norhim  which he terms as intimate (dunno y..I swear I never flirted with him in the least sense of the word) is a perceivable outcome of my love for sitting at the last seat in the class which incidentally is nearby the electrical socket and Norhim's need to log in on facebook and charge his mobile to do pervert chat with his wife. She is asleep when I finally manage to reach home he says....Here are a few quips from our most intelligent discussions, my contribution to which is always restricted to Oh, is it....yes and no. Rest  I always speak silently in my heart.

I know you are intelligent....I can see it from the way you eat chocolate and lick the wrapper even when theres most serious topic under discussion in class.,,,,if licking the wrapper makes u intelligent, u can lick it once i eat all the chocolate...see and u r generous too :)

Hey all, she is a double masters.. and her father is a cabinet minister.....double masters oh yeshh.....cabinet minister? u insane??????

I will once come to Pakistan and make a documentary on tamil tigers.....but we dont have tamil tigers.....then khalistani gorillas....we dont have Khalistan Gorillas too.......King Kong????

I am still single....u r married norhim....no but at times she makes me sleep on a single bed...that renders me as single...I can marry three more times in different nationalities so I could have beautiful and Intelligent kids, a well diversified portfolio....U free for drinks tonight?

Coconut tree has a different male and female. So when its mating season......they show them porn.

Hey Siti, when are u divorcing your present hubby....u think Im mad....y in the hell would I divorce him?
Il kill him.....

Where were u? never dare to go to library alone....there are bad spirits there, take me along.....Im worse :D Oh Yeahhhh

U still firm about not having drinks? 
fried bananas?????

At every dinner gong  we heard,,,,,,,,,,,,,,. Follow me my angel......What the....Ok lets go !!!


  1. Amazing story about you and Norhim..nice Blue :)

  2. Its not a story, its an ongoing account abt me and norhim....I reported almost everything as he said...but thnx anyways :)))