Friday, 25 May 2012

Facebook the dispatch rider of affcetion and care...

Facebook triggers lots of debate on its utility. For me however its an exceptional thing that gives all my friends and family the power to wake me up from deep slumber, poke me, kick me, nudge me, while I remain my always bobby don’t care much self, though inside somewhere I am glad I got to know they were still alive n kicking it.

Another thing that inspires me about online connections is the conflict in social statures of people and their vocal personalities. The vocal personality of a person is a term I designed to refer to what a person projects online. I believe it to be a better predictor of people’s real personality than the real life silhouette, because it lacks the all time obligatory social conformation as a result of a dialogue. Facebook is like addressing the mass audience, project yourself just the way you would like to project yourself. Some of you will call it deception. I call it real self. Everyone would project themselves to be what they would have wanted themselves to be, which tells a lot about them. More real therefore are the virtual lives of people, because there we can always be what we wanted to be. The most sincere expression of ourselves, our desires, our aspirations. Il write about the clash sometime. But for now I just want to tell you how facebook delivers love for me…..have a look at some of the messages I got in just one day……Itna variety to Umro ayyar ki zambeel mein bhi nhi milay gi....her maal bhara para hai.....

Monica   : U still at the asylum?

Shehzadi : Guddi tu single hai to bol, mera suser free hai aaj kal....

Manna : Stop liking your own posts :P

Fahad  : Laal chuneriya wali koi meray gher bhi lao....mein kunwara kab tak baithun band mera bajwao...meri shadi kerwao..... meri shadi kerwao.......

Reza : Israel is 64 now thanks to western life support and I hate the research methods teacher.

Amay  : Please support my Amma wapis kro movement.This wicked roguish girl Maria who happens to be my sister, has abducted my mom to islamabad and has made her forget her lil one whoz miles away. Call Maria NOWWWWW, ask her to send mom back :( I MISS MOM send her back...or its a war..!!! :@ :P

Maria  : Mom is saying the brick u have in name of mobile phone usay apnay sir me mar lay :)

Ibi : I asked you not to join my Fb...hell , whats the fun in stalking your own family?

Saim  : Phone ki bell kharab hai ya aapka dimagh?

Sarah : Agar... aaj rat... 8 bjay tak....mujhay call na kiya...... to talak talak talak.

Asim : Zinda ho....?

Ali :Tell pa if I want a black bathroom , I want a black bathroom, not a faun one with a hint of black in every 3rd tile....just BLACK

Maria : Moms worried about you, said u looked next time u see her on skype have mercy on us all ...APPLY SOME MAKEUP FOR GODSAKES!!!

Well, some of these cant really be called affectioate, but still coming from the sample of the dayyyy..... the good thing is that no matter how heavy, how light hearted, how crazy is the message....its delivered by the courier in 3 secs:)

P.S Stop poking me u all.....


  1. first para is my fb status now.. :)

  2. Lol I don't use face book so I'm deprived of all this but I guess online and offline I'm basically shy :P Hence you've never seen me on Masala chat Lol and If I've ever been there, I've been chup chaap :D