Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Domain name Love is not available !

I havent told you, but have moved your pictures from My Own folder to Pictures only....have blocked you from skype.....and have deleted your number from my phone contact list.

Today I have not tried enlarging your pic to see my reflection in your eyes,......Today I have not updated my FB status as a song dedicated to you, the first day I wont be up at 4.00 a.m to talk to you, today I told you we all were humans and I forgive you for being with her. Today I am not going to say I love you before I go to sleep....

Il talk to you meri jaan, Il laugh with you, Il kiss you, Il hug u, Il bug u ,  even  will joke to you about her, but I will never say that three word sentence again that starts from an I and ends at a You....Today is the first day that I have started using this smiley :)......and the first day I have started lying to you............


  1. And it is fiction dnt wry :)

  2. "....and the first day I have started lying to you..."

    Interesting post, nicely written :)

  3. thnx kiara.....just another one of my late night blabberings

  4. is that a real story blue :)
    or its just an imagination...

  5. observing is living reality!

  6. Oh wow, made me sad somehow :/

    Oh btw while I'm at it, I really hate the having to prove I'm not a robot each time I paste a comment :( the first time I did, took me 12 tries literally Grrr