Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Guilty as Charged...The wake up alarm that killed the snooze button and turned itself in has been found guilty on all accounts!

It such disheartening to find yourself back and that too without a change...blahety blah...but then I dont actually know myself so I cant actually know if I did change at all or not...weird thoughts..In an overlapping voice I can hear Vineet saying 'tumko koi andaza hai k tum kitna bolti ho?' and me replying 'ni' ...falling off the couch with that....

Only if this chat was bugged n they broadcasted every sound u made....mine would have gone like rattling rots of laughter throughout.....maybe he is true afterall, that I dnt act my age, but then, thats what I am, thats what I feel like, a kid trapped in body of an elderly person trying hard to escape, and when it cant, it just sits there and mocks the person...maybe Im trying to make up for the years I lost in between..... When I wasnt myself but trying to be someone else.

Anywayz, these few months I have been away some good friends have taken real good care of me...two of my best friends, and one of them Silent, reads this blog, knows how I have tortured him with my continuous talk nineteen to the dozen, trying to make sense out of various events that have taken place on national and international front.

Obama won elections....and no the world didn't end. Both of these are interlinked somehow in the greatest universal pattern of existence. What if Mitt Romney were elected?we would then have a latest Hollywood sensation Paul Ryan as a debutante in a never ending soap opera. Well atleast till the clash of titans....Miss him though,  was cute.

And yayyy....its going to be the first democratic govt. in Pakistan to complete its term. though my favorite Gillani was sent home by supreme court on an assault account. I remember then also bugging silent to death and cursing the Chief Justice like my 80 yrs old great grandma used to do....

A few shocking incidents, Delhi rape, I cant muster enough courage to talk about it even now, and Shahzaib murder case. Two incidents in two separate countries that altered the perception of societal integration of values. Garbled the state of evolution we supposedly were existing at. Something that gave us a reality shock, that there persists another world outside our warm living rooms that resound with laughter of kids and our frequent humming ..and that world is not only brutal and merciless but also completely anomalous to our kids.....I remember asking silent 'me apnay bachay kab tak bacha sakti hun' what will happen when I will have to introduce them to that world? when I will have to take em out of my wings n dole out to this monster....sooner or later I will have to do it...and there would be no recourse to it...before that happens, I have to change that world..make it a better place for my kids. Its like an investment policy we all  have to take to ensure the future well being of our kids....invest a little everyday, contribute towards the societal upheaval  in some manner, connect to that world outside our living rooms and try to help it out of its problems in ever meager way we can. Though derisory but its only these efforts that would assure a better world for our kids that we can open our doors to someday !



  1. Yayyyyy you're back! Happy New Year!

  2. A resounding weelcome back! I think most of us can relate to being a kid trapped in an older body. ;)

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    2. :)).... Im da kid who needs candy too :P

  3. Twas an eventful post.

    After a long time, You are Back....hmm...from __________ (please fill the Blank) :P

    A great new year Resolution there - Making world a better place for the growing kids.
    Add me too in that campaign. :D

    And A Happy New Year. :)
    Have a Great Year ahead. :D

    1. Ty....bk from hibernation, lol

      New yr new beginnings !!

    2. Lol. :P
      Hibernation. Good. Now, I guess you must be feeling all fresh. :P

  4. Where is my umbrella... :D

    I cant write long while blushing (^_^) .... o_O

    btw.. good resolution in the end, it would be really worth a try. And congrats, I also can feel the change in Pak. Wish you a South Asia with fewer torn lives, pockets, minds and hearts.

    1. We have been a part of this change intervention,witnessed it together...and it was inevitable, maybe its coz we eventually have to rise up when we have hit and rested on the rock bottom for long...Hope its all for the better future...