Saturday, 21 April 2012

Angels in Armani Suits

Romey says Im delusional and I should see a psychologist. Not the same words though, he has his polite way of putting it. At times, mostly he is crude and shrewed. Well as far as being delusional is concerned, I think he himself is delusional. Said I called u a shining star last night, now some people will take it as praise, but actually what he did call me was a washroom!!!! ''Oh ur name is so similar to a washroooooom,'' he said with a smirk.....huh.....DELUSIONAL!!!

But really, I see things. Things I cant explain. Things when I tell to someone their expressions are exact replicas of Romey's reaction. Like this guy whose number I got from an old half torn poster on a wall that read laundry service. Its the third time he has come in to pick my laundry. Now thats not out of ordinary. What is, is that the guy takes up my curtains n towels for $ 3 only, travelling half an hour on his Honda civic, with Italian model looks dressed in an Armani suit and Nike shoes,when he picks up my bags of laundry, I barely resist the urge of touching him to see if he really exists and asking him if he really is a laundry service boy. However I dont do that, of the fear of being slapped for one and him asking me if he wasnt a laundry wala why in the hell did I call him, for second. Well maybe next time I do get to touch naughty!!!.

Then theres this middleaged sweet looking angel, who is on the road solely for the purpose of facilitating me. Here I take baby's stroller out and BOOF !!! there she is....... to drop us off at the bank, wait for us and then take us back home.As soon as a car slows down behind me, I know either its the hump, or her. Weird comparison though.

The Nigerian guy, who helped me with danny when he got his finger hurt in glass door, called me by first name......and when I asked, heyy, how do u know my name, i havent ever met u in my lifeee...he just smiled and took an elevator up. UP u see......

Then theres him. He has random nicks but mostly goes by verti. Always there. Always ready to help. Making us feel we can fall back on him whenever we like. Makes our world more accomodating and our risks less riskier. I may end up marrying my daughter to his son one day, that is how much I like him.

Silent. When wearing blue all over and whining no body loves me....who said the world was fair....blah blah...he goes on n say most wonderful things in the world like.....''Red , I can pay for your monthly digests''. and ''If nobody says I love you then dont worry, though u r not my type still I can say  I love u....'' The first one being more truely appreciated so much so that I managed a tear out of my ever dry eyes...NAH ..
And many more........ never leaving me angels, making this  world and life within easier and amicable for me.   {{{{{MY ANGELS}}}} with bald foreheads, armani suits and pot bellies...

When I was a child, I was always told an angel came n left me this and that. I used to get very angry then, because I came to know of angles only after they had left. Not now...... Now, when I see an angle , I get them by the smile on their face and the soft burning flames of kindness in their eyes, and I make a note of them in the secret red book of mine,  thanking them to be there for me. This post is a way of thanking them.

You too, take some time to think, identify and say thanks to your angels.....

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