Sunday, 29 April 2012

.....thy name is perfidy !!!

I havent been able to understand women...being one myself I can never believe the underlying logic of our actions. Impulses they say, true, but mostly we pretend to be acting on impulses. Whatever we do is all pre contrived. Im a woman too, I do it all too, but theres somethng in me continuously fighting this inborn urge to pretend and betray, still I end up only doing it all in a finer manner. But today im going to put an end to it by warning people what we are all about. Twister was nice in saying anyone could be a bitch, even men. Very polite of him, but mostly its only us. Except for a rare few, most of us fall in one or more categories. Myself I can easily classify in three of his categories.....abundance or WHATTTT!!!

For one thing, we are the most un grateful creatures on the earth.  On a date, most women would want their date to be just themselves....NOT REALLY !!! their definition of ''being themselves'' is nothing less than  a Brad Pitt in branded shoes and clothes, driving a luxury car, taking them to a five star with a seven course menu,and ofcourse  a person playing violin while they dine. Thats too much you would say...ah no.......we need them to bring a diamond ring too. And when and if they go down on their knees, we go like OMG, WHAT A WEIRDO...WHO PROPOSES ON FIRST DATE MAN???

Still I tell you, anything short of it, its not a good date. Talking about being un grateful, a simple looking plain girl with a little style and itsy bitsy titsies would go like....

About her best friend who loves her secretly:
He is always there for me....I feel like I can say anyyything to him and he would never judge me....he is such a sweetheart, meri saheli hai woh....but theres somethng so feminish about him na, being with a girl all the time and saying awww awww at whatever I say or do. He is funny and I feel protected with him, but romance??? NO WAY!!!

About a nice guy who asked her out on  a date:

What did he think? Me koi aisi wesi lerki hun kya!!!

About a random guy who was just being nice to her in parking lot by offering his parking space :

Lerki dekhi nhi aur lattooo ho gye....By God what a creep!!!!

About the guy she is about to dump:

He is just too possessive and I need my space and whats more zara bhi manly nhi hai .....papa se pocketmoney leta hai..... ...huh

About her flirtatious n bitching ex:

I dont think I can ever move on......just love him soooooo much.


Telling you, we do not deserve sympathies. Tactfully we make the majority waive off their rights to us so we could enjoy our lives more.

The sole reason why we are descriminated against is that we want to be descriminated against. Ask any gal how shes doing...and she'd be either toooooooo awesome.:D or Oh Im so tired...nothing in between, both asking for more attention, just in a different way. And they actually get the attention. The guy could be a fire fighter, working 8 hrs straight to fight a fire down, rescuing ppl, and still we go awww my baby to the gal who was tired coz she went shopping and and partying. =/

Read the descriminating facebook too n here I quote : The girl's status reads ''OMG I just love this new pink dress''....101 likes.....Boy's '' I just won Nobel prize'' 2 likes....of which one is he himself. Girl's status..''I wanna ride a bus one day'' comments : aww honey, take me wid u plzzzz ...Boy's '' I wanna ride a bus'' comment : conductor lag ja tu. Abbay ne cycle nhi ley k di to bus me hi jayega na kamina sala.

Trust a psychopath, a serial killer , maybe Bush too....but never trust a crying woman.  We are the strongest creatures on planet earth, hell yeah.. why wud we cry except for the time we want to do emotional atyachar on someone? Trust me, if a woman can give birth to a child , she can do anything in the world. I know many men, and none I think can ever be able to go for a delivery even if they wanted to. They are just too fragile for it....if u knw what I mean!

Similarly, never trust an over sweet one.......a gal with the other........meri jaaaan mwahhhh mwahhh...kahan theiiiiiiin? i  missed u soooooo much sweetoo.....after she leaves.....WHAT  A TWO FACED BITCH....exxxxcuse me?????

By the way, that classifies me as a traitor case something happens to me, u should know where to look for.

P.S dnt hate me all :(((  <smirrrrrrk>


  1. ... I see what you're saying.. Woman are seen as fragile and frail, but really we seem to be rough and tough.

    Although, what I'm saying might be a generalization, because there are some women out there that are sweet, and innocent. But generally, most women can fall under the category of "bitchy".