Friday, 20 April 2012

Heil Headaches....

A headache is a two edged sword. Makes you go for the deepest plunges, the riskiest ventures and the darkest follies believing you'd be happy about them the next morning. While next morning all you can say is ''SHIIIIIIIIIIIIT''.

However, theres a good thing to it. It mutes the world down. You may see people misbehave, talk politics, be rude to your cat and all you do is not feel it but stash it down somewhere at the back of your mind for a later non headached review. That too, never happens. It gets all smoothered at the very first  lure of sleep.

Just shouldnt come univited....headaches I mean....Panadol with grapefruit juice is a nice idea since my sole intention is to drink the juice and leave tablet at bottom of the glass in semi dissolved non retreatable form, just like in childhood. Can still hear my mom saying...''Kya ho ga tera aik goli nhi nigli jati!!!''....mje nhi nigalna abhi...jan kay nhi...abhi kuch der aur duniya ko chup hi rehnay do!!!